Chris Quinn’s Victory in State House Race Certified by Delco Election Board; Seale Refuses to Concede Loss


MEDIA, PA – Andrew Reilly, Chair of the Delaware County Republican Party, released the below statement following Monday’s approval of official election results in the 168th Pennsylvania House Legislative District by the bipartisan Delaware County Election Board on Monday. The official results show that Middletown resident, Chris Quinn, won the election by a comfortable 451 votes.

“It was a difficult election day and I am proud of the effort that all of the Delaware County Republican candidates invested in their respective campaigns, particularly those who fought hard and came up short,” said Reilly. “All of the Republican candidates in Delaware County who lost have publicly conceded and, in most cases, spoke with their Democratic opponent to congratulate them and wish them well.  Unfortunately, Democratic candidate Kristin Seale has not only has refused to concede, but posted comments on Facebook questioning the integrity of the election results by claiming efforts to fairly count votes were being thwarted by the Delaware County Election Board.  Seale’s comments and conduct are not only insulting to the county election board, but they show a disconnect from reality since the three member board is made up of two Democrats and one Republican.”  

“I understand that elections are often hard fought, but after the totals are in, as Americans, we should accept the results and come together to work constructively together for our communities,” said Reilly.  “Ms. Seale’s post-election conduct mirrors her campaign, which received the majority of its funding from out-of-state sources, that it used to spread falsehoods in large glossy mailings and television ads that turned voters off.  While we probably shouldn’t expect Kristin Seale to do the right thing and congratulate her opponent, she should at least apologize to the election board for questioning their integrity.”


Note: While the official election results show a 450-vote margin, Chris Quinn obtained one additional write-in vote, which brings his margin of victory to 451 votes. 

Delco GOP