PRESS RELEASE: Mary Hopper Wins Write in Campaign for State Rep in Republican Primary



RIDLEY PARK – Mary Hopper, the first female president of Ridley Park Borough Council and the second woman elected Sheriff of Delaware County, received a tremendous surge of support from voters who wrote her name in on the ballot as their candidate for State Representative in the 162nd Legislative District.  

While final ballot figures still need to be certified, preliminary election returns appear to indicate that Mary Hopper received more write-in votes than her Democratic opponent whose name appeared on the ballot.  According to election results, there were more than 3,100 Write-In votes cast in the Republican primary for State Representative.  In contrast, the Democratic candidate received roughly 2,350 votes.

“I am overwhelmed by the incredible level of support I received from Republican voters today,” said Mary Hopper.  “Many candidates find it challenging to reach the 300 vote threshold, but voters today really took the time to understand the write-in process and wanted to make sure they did it correctly.  I also want to thank the many volunteers who were working the polls today and who helped educate voters about the write in process.  It was a low but steady turnout and my supporters at the polls really took the time to engage with voters.”

 “Given the intense focus on the heated Democratic Congressional primary, it is impressive that Mary Hopper – as a write-in - was able to garner more votes than her Democratic opponent,” said Dave White, Mary Hopper’s campaign manager.  “That bodes very well for Mary Hopper leading up to the November election.” 

“I’m going to run a strong campaign over the next six months to educate voters about my approach to state government,” said Hopper.  “The level of interest and support today was very encouraging and I’m going to work hard to build on that enthusiasm leading up to the November election.”



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