PRESS RELEASE - Newly Elected Delco Democratic Party Chair Helped Put “Birther” on the Ballot for Congress


MEDIA - The Delaware County Republican Party expressed surprise today that the Delaware County Democratic Committee had elected a new chairperson today who has a checkered past, including being involved in a party tampering scheme.  

Colleen Guiney, the new Democratic Party Chair for Delaware County, came under heavy criticism surrounding allegations of election tampering during the 2010 campaign when it was learned that, as a volunteer for Democratic Congressional candidate a Bryan Lentz, she actively circulated petitions for a third party Congressional candidate who questioned whether President Barack Obama was a natural born American citizen.

“I am surprised that the rank and file Democrat Committee people chose Guiney, who has admitted to her role in political tricks and voter deception,” said Pete Peterson, spokesperson for the Delaware County Republican Party. “At a time when voter confidence in the trustworthiness of politicians and the political process is in the toilet, it is surprising that Guiney was picked to be the voice of the Delaware County Democratic Party."

During the 2010 campaign, Colleen Guiney was one of a small group of Democrats who conspired to put a third party candidate on the ballot in an attempt to draw votes away from the Republican candidate for Congress, then U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan.  A registered Democrat and a petition circulator for Democratic candidate Bryan Lentz, Guiney was called “Lentz’s most fervent and visible volunteer.”  

During the 2010 Democratic Primary process, Guiney filed a successful civil petition in the courts to remove fellow Democrat Teresa Touey from the ballot, leaving Lentz unopposed.  Then, two months after she helped secure a primary victory for Lentz by removing his opponent from the ballot, Guiney attempted to secure a general election victory by circulating petitions for a self-professed “birther,” Jim Schneller, whose political views were polar opposite from her own.  In all, Guiney circulated 15 pages of petitions and obtained 503 signatures for Schneller more than 10 percent of his total signatures. 

“At a time when Delaware County residents are tired of the corruption and deception of national politics, it is telling that local Democrats selected a new leader with such a checkered history,” said Peterson.

For additional background on the conspiracy by Guiney and other Democrats to put a birther on the ballot, please refer to some of the following articles:

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