GOP Council Hopefuls Announce Seniors Commission

Permanent Commission Will Advise and Counsel County Officials

MEDIA, PA:  Delaware County Council candidates Jim Raith, Mike Morgan, Kelly Colvin announced today their plan to create a permanent, standing “Delaware County Seniors’ Commission.”  The Commission will advise County Council on the issues impacting our seniors in Delaware County.

“Our seniors are the backbone of this county.  Many have raised families here, built businesses here and have retired here,” said Jim Raith, “We need a Seniors’ Commission to understand what issues are impacting their quality of life, and how county government can serve them better.”

“Selflessness is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of our seniors,” said Kelly Colvin, “For those who have given us so much, it is worthy of our time and resources to ensure county government serves them properly.”

“Our seniors are a wealth of knowledge; we should be seeking their counsel and insight,” said Mike Morgan, “By creating a Commission specific to seniors, they will have a direct conduit to County Council. We think that is important.”

The Delaware County Seniors’ Commission will be comprised of a 15-member board appointed by County Council.  To qualify for an appointment, an individual must be a resident of Delaware County who is over 65 years old at the time of their appointment.  Two board seats must be filled by veterans.  Key County Department managers will sit on the board ex-officio, such as the County Offices of Services for the Aging (COSA).  The board will meet once a month and be staffed by an Executive Director.

“Over 90,000 of our county’s residents are over 65 years old,” said Morgan, “That is significant.”

“I’m looking forward to a dialogue with our Seniors’ Commission to ensure seniors always have a meaningful voice,” said Colvin, “The best way to lead is to listen.”

“Our seniors deserve the best,” closed Raith, “Our Seniors’ Commission is a way to make it happen.”

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