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Keep Delaware County Great.

Our community deserves leaders as strong, as dedicated, and as principled as the hardworking families they serve.


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We need leaders who are in the business of enriching and supporting its citizens - not bureaucrats and politicians.


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Great leaders mean great communities. We're endorsing an incredible slate of candidates this year that will make Delaware County families proud.


for governor/LT:
Scott wagner and jeff bartos

Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos are successful business leaders who’ve set the standard within their respective industries. They’ve teamed up on a bold mission to turn Harrisburg’s dysfunctional political system on its head.



for congress:
Pearl Kim

Pearl Kim built her career as a special victims prosecutor – securing the first human trafficking conviction in Pennsylvania and working with legislators to update the law and expand protection to victims of trafficking and sex crimes. Pearl's parents immigrated to America from South Korea with next to nothing. This country afforded them the opportunity to achieve the American dream. This is what makes her a proud American and a proud Republican.



for u.s. senate:
Lou Barletta

Working families across Pennsylvania want the same thing: good-paying, family-sustaining jobs. A father of four daughters and proud grandfather of eight grandkids, Lou is running for the United States Senate to make sure that the same American Dream he experienced is alive for the next generations of Americans.



For Pennsylvania Senate:
Thomas j. McGarrigle

Tom has a long record of public service and a history of working to improve the quality of life for Delaware County residents. In his four years in the Pennsylvania Senate Tom has worked diligently on many initiatives to support the 26th State Senatorial District, including strengthening the Commonwealth’s Protection from Abuse rules and helping to enact a 2017 law to establish quality standards for addiction recovery houses. 




“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” 

         -Ronald Reagan