Thomas J. Mcgarrigle
Chairman, Delaware county gop

The Delaware County Republican Party has a history of organizational perseverance, determination, and success. This is because our support comes from the passionate men and women who care deeply for our communities and endeavor to elect public servants whom we are all proud to call one of our own.

Like you, I believe in our county and the people who make it great. In fact, I know many these people because Delaware County has been home throughout my adult life. I built a business here and raised my family right here.

There is no doubt that we have challenges ahead of us. But I am confident that with new leadership and a renewed focus on our good-government values, we will be successful.

Our leaders – without exception – are champions of fiscal responsibility, effective government, and responsive constituent services.

A Delaware County Republican is dedicated to strong communities, fiscally conservative policies, and a strong economy. And we are empathetic to friends and neighbors who may not feel the effects of a booming economy.

We will not always agree with one another, but our views will be candid and minds receptive to new ideas.

What we will not do is tell our elected officials how to run their county or local governments. We will recruit strong, community-minded candidates who want to work hard, earn votes, and work even harder when elected.

It is my honor to take on this role as your chairman. I look forward to the challenges ahead and to lead our committee people, candidates, volunteers, supporters, and activists as we work together to make Delaware County the best place in the world to live, to work, and to raise a family.


Carol J. Miller
Executive Director

There are few certainties in life. But one thing is absolute: Carol Miller’s commitment and service to the Republican Party of Delaware County.

For the past 30 years, Carol’s indefatigable service as the Executive Director of the Delaware County GOP has been peerless.

Under the leadership of Carol Miller the Party has raised millions of dollars, shepherded and championed hundreds of new leaders into public service, and played a critical role to elect candidates at the county, state, and national level.

As if that’s not enough, Carol serves as Vice Chair of the Delaware County Republican Executive Committee, Treasurer of the Delaware County Republican Women’s Committee, and Treasurer of the Committee for Delaware County’s Future.

Naturally, Carol has also been the recipient of numerous awards that reflect very clearly her strength and leadership in the community. Among them: the Golden Elephant Leadership Award presented by the Delaware County Republican Women’s Committee (2004, 2008); the Springfield Township Youth Club Cougar Award; the Administrative Association of Special Courts Recognition Award; the Administrative Association of Special Courts—Appreciation Award; the Delaware County Young Republicans Republican of the year; and the Delaware County Women’s Commission Woman of Achievement Award.



Donna M. Fooks
Executive Assistant

Donna plays a big role in overseeing the day-to-day operations of our perpetually bustling headquarters.

A dedicated member of our team, Donna also serves as a councilwoman on the Brookhaven Borough Council.

Donna has also played key roles in supporting charitable organizations including Susan G. Komen, the National Cancer Society, CHOP, and she's held fundraisers for Brookhaven families in need.

Prior to joining the Delaware County GOP, Donna worked for 28 years in the corporate healthcare sector.