scott wagner - governor
Jeff Bartos - Lieutenant Governor

Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos are successful business leaders who’ve set the standard within their respective industries. Scott and Jeff will execute economic policies that will enrich hardworking Pennsylvanians with jobs, better paychecks and better lives. And they will fight to be sure every child in Pennsylvania has access to an outstanding, safe school of their choice. Website

Pearl kim
u.s. congress

Pearl built her career as a special victims prosecutor – securing the first human trafficking conviction in Pennsylvania and working with legislators to update the law and expand protection to victims of trafficking and sex crimes. In addition to combatting human trafficking, my work has focused on addressing the opioid crisis, mental health, campus sexual assault, and alcohol abuse on college campuses – issues that are all relevant in the current climate. Website

ruth moton
state representative - district 159

The well being of others is and has always been Ruth's main focus. People need to know that there is hope, all is not lost. As state representative, Ruth will work tirelessly to keep constituents informed of issues that affect us all and be the voice for those who feel they don't have one, don't know they need one, and those who just need to be heard. Website


patti rodgers morrisette
state representative - district 161

Patti Rodgers Morrisette is a business professional and lifelong resident of Delaware County. She prides herself on hard work and being well-prepared through training, technology, and continuing education. Patti is a former Republican committee woman and Election Machine Inspector.  Website

James Santora
State Representative - District 163

James “Jamie” Santora has lived in Drexel Hill for more than 38 years. He learned early on that education is the most important thing in life, both in the classroom and at home. His parents taught him that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. These are beliefs that he's carried with him throughout his time in public service. Website


alex charlton  
State representative - district 165

During his first term in the PA House, Alex has served his neighbors of Delaware County by fighting to protect people living with disabilities, and focused his sights on tax reform, improving education, and economic development. During this legislative session, Alex voted for public pension reform to save taxpayers money, blocked efforts to increase the personal income tax and state sales tax and secured additional funding for our local schools and first responders. Website


chris quinn
state representative - district 168

Quinn’s education, business and industry background, global perspective and volunteer experience have helped to shape his interest in public service. Elected to Middletown Township Council in 2008, he has worked on numerous initiatives to improve the quality of life for local citizens. He was instrumental in the creation of Sleighton Park in Middletown on the former Sleighton School property, and initiated the restarting of the Middletown Historical Society to preserve the area’s rich history. Website







Lou Barletta
united states senate

Working families across Pennsylvania want the same thing: good-paying, family-sustaining jobs. Congressman Lou Barletta stood with working families and voted for middle-class tax cuts, which have resulted in millions of Americans seeing bigger paychecks, raises, bonuses, and additional benefits. Website

tom mcgarrigle
pa senate - District 26

A successful small business owner and job creator, Tom McGarrigle was first elected to the 26th State Senate in 2014. Prior to serving in the Senate,  McGarrigle served as Chairman of Delaware County Council. In his four years in the PA Senate, Tom has worked diligently on initiatives to strengthen the Commonwealth’s Protection from Abuse rules and help to enact a 2017 law to establish quality standards for addiction recovery houses. Website

stephen barrar
state representative - District 160

Stephen E. Barrar has earned a reputation as a dedicated public servant whose foremost concern is the advancement of the 160th District and improving the quality of life for the families of Pennsylvania. A champion of those who risk their lives to preserve our way of life and protect our communities, Steve advocates for policies to aid community first responders, veterans and active duty and reserve military personnel.

mary hopper
State representative - District 162

Mary Hopper, the first female president of Ridley Park Borough Council and the second woman elected Sheriff of Delaware County, plans to run a strong campaign that sets out to educate voters about her approach to public services and strengthening our communities. Website


Inder baines
state representative - District 164

Inder believes in our community. It's where he's raising his family and where he's chosen to serve the public. Inder believes that hardworking families deserve a leader as dedicated, as honest, and as principled as the hardworking families he or she serves. Website


Baltazar Rubio
State representative - district 166

Baltazar believes in a few simple truths about public service: It is about listening and communicating with people whose points of view may diverge from yours, but understanding that there is a common point on which we can all agree. The trick is to find the commonality, then work from there. Website